Nortel I2004 IP NTDU92


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Latest version of the i2004 IP Phone NTDU92 with Silver Bezel.

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The Nortel i2004 IP telephone can connect directly to your business LAN and has a built in switch. It is capable of obtaining it’s own IP address via DHCP. This makes moving the phone much more simple when arranging your office.

The i2004 is for use on all Nortel IP platforms including the SL-100, BCM, Succession 100 and IP enabled Meridian 1.

The Nortel i2004 IP phone can be powered by a power of ethernet router or you can opt to use the Nortel power injectors.

The i2004 uses a standard network RJ-45 connection and can be piggybacked off any PC on the LAN keeping each office to a single LAN connection.


At this point, there are two versions of this phone in the market. The original phase 1 phone requires a power adapter and does NOT have a silver bezel around the display.

The Phase 2 is powered over Ethernet with a POE router and does have a silver bezel.

  • For use with IP enabled Nortel BCM or Meridian Phone Systems
  • Built In Large 5×24 LCD Character Display
  • Self Labeling Keys Can Be Programmed As Needed
  • Self Labeling Context Sensitive SoftKeys
  • Audio Control
  • Navigation Keys
  • Built In Message Waiting Light
  • Distinctive Rings
  • For Use in All Day Call Positions
  • Requires External Power or can be powered over LAN