Mitel WLAN Stand



Mitel Wireless LAN Stand

The Mitel Wireless LAN (WLAN) Stand is a unique accessory that allows you to put your Mitel IP phone where it’s most convenient for you, and not be constrained to the area around your LAN or Internet connection.
The innovative design of the Wireless LAN Stand allows your wired Mitel IP phone to be converted to a wireless device so it can connect to the wireless network anywhere in your enterprise, small business or even at home.

Alternatively, the Wireless LAN stand connected to an IP phone can allow that phone to act as an access point for up to six other wireless Mitel IP Phones. You can connect a PC to the 2nd port of the Wireless IP phones to have wireless data access. Create your own wireless LAN in small installations!


Allows an IP phone to operate as both a Wireless Client or an Access Point that supports voice, data and video over a wireless network
Operating as an Access Point, provides wireless accessibility for up to six IP phones that have the Wireless LAN Stand installed
Supports both 802.11b and 802.11g wireless standards
In Access Point Mode, supports Wireless Multimedia (WMM) for wireless voice prioritization (QoS), and WPA/WPA2 for security on a wireless network
Supported across a range of IP desktop devices for greater choice for your customers
Provides wireless data access for the PC via the 10/100 LAN port in the IP phone
Eliminates Ethernet cabling for wireless IP phone clients

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